3 1/2 Months Update

I've been busy over the past month, still healing, creating content for my social media clients, and being generally quite busy in my business, which is a great thing! I've also continued to test out foods and eat healthy. And I managed to take a fun five day trip to Virginia to visit friends and help run a doTerra Essential Oils party that my friend was doing. It was a nice getaway. I got to see a lot of Fall leaves. I ate at favorite restaurants and skipped the gluten. 

I also got my bloodwork back and my doctor is stunned. Literally stunned! He said my results were results that he expected at the end of the program and not mid-way through. Yay! I told him about Ideal LifeVision and how I had created a module specifically to tell my brain to get my body in gear and get healthy.  He said, "Well, it worked."

So things have been good! Homeschooling is going well. I'm speaking at two homeschool conferences in January and I'm looking forward to that. The kids are happy and learning lots of new stuff. It's been a great year so far!