Love and Logic

I have to clarify that I am not perfect with Love and Logic. Not even close. I have read the book Love and Logic Magic for Early Childhood - several times. Still not perfect. However, that doesn't stop me from being completely on board with this parenting program.

The beauty of Love and Logic is that it enables the parent to remain calm in the face of tantrums, and also puts the responsibility back on a child to solve their own problems. It allows a parent to give their child positive choices, and also teaches natural consequences where a child can learn the lesson they need to in a loving environment.

In the coming weeks, I would love to discuss issues that you parents are having with your children. Maybe together we can come up with a Love and Logic solution. Feel free to email me at sanitysessions at gmail dot com with your questions and I will try to address as many as possible each week using Love and Logic concepts.

Because, as my friend Emily says, we need to raise our kids so that other people can stand them.