Harry Potter and Half of the Deathly Hallows

Reviewer's Grade: B+

I am sure that I will get some grief for only giving it a B+, and I might bump that up to an A after the second half, but for long periods of time (like the book) I was fighting falling asleep during Harry Potter and Half of the Deathly Hallows.  It's kind of like other books (like Twilight and Mockingjay) where the author feels that she has to spend a lot of sitting around time prior to the big dramatic ending (Twilight = 200 pages of Jacob sniffing the perimeter; Mockingjay = I don't remember it was that boring).  

I don't want to give out any spoilers just in case my readers haven't seen it, yet, but it was very much like the book in my head.  That is what I have loved about these movies - it is what I picture in my head come to life.  I also loved the preview for the Green Lantern because Ryan Reynolds is (ahem) a little cute.  However, then I loved the movie because when did George and Fred get so cute?  And it's amazing how these little kids have grown up and learned to act.  Remember how Hermione was so annoying that first year?  It really works to have had them so cheesy in the beginning.  

Now, I am telling you that if you are an HP fan (that would be Harry Potter, not Hewlett Packard) you should definitely see this.  I would not say the same thing about that last Twilight movie.  Not that I am comparing the two at all

I'm seeing it again on Friday - just sayin'.