Your New Christmas Music

A couple of years ago I had the unbelievable experience of hearing Jordan Bluth sing with Michael McLean in "The Forgotten Carols".  Honestly, I was glued to my seat with my mouth open.  I was amazed by his crystal clear voice.  It turns out that he is the grandson of my Stake President in Phoenix from when I was growing up.  What are the odds?  It practically makes us really distance cousins or something.  And since I know some of my fourth cousins it isn't actually improbable.

How do I get on these celebrity tangents?

So yeah, my brother-in-law convinced me that it is vital to my existence to download iTunes and actually do something with it.  Because of that, I had to take some time to organize my 250 dvds (I'm old school - I mentioned that) and I found this one and had to share it with my vast readership, especially this time of year.  He even sings "O Holy Night".