Viva Lost Wages!

This past weekend I went with my cousins to Las Vegas, Nevada.  Until this weekend, I hated Las Vegas.  It's creepy and weird and the people are gross and I hate gambling and the whole environment.  I'm not opinionated at all, am I?
 Then I saw these darling little creatures and changed my mind.  Who doesn't love huge snuggly lions?
 It was kind of fun seeing Aslan as well.  That gives me some hope for the whole "Sin City" thing.
I couldn't believe my luck!  Last March I went to New York and saw the Statue of Liberty.  And it showed up here, too!
 There was this gold guy.  He was kind of gross.
 And wildlife.
 And fish.
 And alligators.
 And Italians.  Venetians and Romans.
Then we had some crepes (these weren't mine).
There were pretty cakes.  Too pretty to eat, but fine for taking pictures.

And a giant chocolate fountain.  Which might be akin to Heaven for me.
Finally, we saw giant colored mushroom floral thingies on the ceiling of the Bellagio.  It was like being under....giant colored mushroom floral thingies.  I loved it.
The very coolest thing that I saw all weekend besides Cirque du Soleil's "Ka", was the fountain show at the Bellagio.  Enjoy!