The Sound of Silence

I have lost my voice for the second time in about a month this week.  It's kind of a strange experience because I don't feel sick - I just can't talk.  It seems to coincide with yelling at my kids.  Hmmmm...

In a strange twist of life, we agreed to foster a dog for a week that was being fostered by another woman who was going out of town.  My sister fosters dogs and set the whole thing up when I told her that we were considering getting a dog.  Here's the thing - I am now in love with this dog.  Why?  Because he is so quiet.  He doesn't bark.  He's really mellow.  The doorbell rings and he just wanders over to see what's up.  When he wants to go out he stands by the door.  When he wants to come in he stands by the door.  The first night he was here we had our Cub Scouts December Pack Activity with 40+ people and half of them boys between the ages of 8-10.  He didn't bark.  He didn't jump.  He didn't freak out.  He just stood next to my side on a leash and watched.  One of the dads there works with the canine division at the police department and he was impressed with the dog.  Said, "That dog has a great disposition."  

He has now been here for three days and mostly just wanders around and sleeps in sunny spaces.  When I let him out back to play he stands at the top of the deck stairs and surveys the world.  The only time he really gets animated is when I am with him by himself.  If the kids are around he just sits on his haunches and accepts all of the love.  Even if the kids start running away from him he just trots after them.  The only real problem is that he stinks and flat out refused to get in the bath so I had to give him a sponge bath (which he happily participated in).  

He is up for adoption on Saturday and we are considering it.  Dog lovers - want to weigh in?