And Now for Something Different...

Because, in spite of what you think, my life isn't only about eating plants and working out.  

I am not generally a TV watcher and haven't been for a while now other than a few select shows, but man oh man - Downton Abbey has me in a spin.  My friend Kristen mentioned it on her blog, and then my mom mentioned it a day or two later.  Thanks to Netflix, I was able to catch up from the first season since they started season two a few weeks ago.  Spoiler alert!  I love this show.

As much as I love the whole Mr. Bates and Anna thing, it is getting to be too much drama!  Every conversation stolen in the hallway has to do with whats-her-name and I just want him to kick her to the curb.  She's nasty.  I finally realized last night that Mr. Carlyle was the guy in Lara Croft's Tomb Raider - just looking older.  It always bugs me when I recognize an actor, but can't place him.  I think that Lord Grantham is probably way nicer than most nobles were in those days, but I can't be sure.  Do you think that Matthew and Mary will end up together now that he has broken things off with Lavinia?  Will Sybil run away with the chauffer?  I just can't stand the suspense!

Wow - from the above paragraph, you would think that I was talking about Desperate Housewives and not an early 20th Century British Drama.  

If you are a British Drama watcher - what other series have you watched that you would recommend?