The Problem with Gilmore Girls

I have been re-watching Gilmore Girls.  I love it.  I really do.  Lauren Graham ranks right up there with Jennifer Garner for me as far as likeability and "I could actually be friends with her."  The only reason that I include Jennifer Garner is that she grew up in West Virginia and I was born there.  And we are only about a month or so apart in age.  So had my parents stayed in West Virginia we could have been best friends.  I mean, we were both Class of 1990 and we all know that there is a special bond with people who graduated from high school the same year that you did.

Anyway, the problem with watching the shows all in a row is that I get very very sick of the opening theme song.  I am still in Season One and I have six more to go.  Yeah, I know I could forward through it.  However, that would require a targeted focus shift and right now my targeted focus is on other things.  I'm not sure that "targeted focus shift" is even a phrase that makes sense, but if it does, then I should have it trademarked.  

I'm also wondering lately if I could get away with pigtails.  Are they too little girlish at 40?  I mean, fluorescent keds are out (Actually, they are IN, but OUT for me). I only ask because Lauren Graham has a scene where she is wearing pigtails and she is older than me in real life.